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Fat loss for men is relatively simple to achieve when you know how..



Whether you want to achieve fat loss for health reasons, or to feel better about yourself, or you want to get rid of those last few percentage points of body fat that are hiding your abs from the world I know how to tailor your training and nutrition to achieve your goal. I have a great track record of working with clients targeting fat loss for a wide range of reasons. Rest assured that with your commitment, I will get your body burning fat, rapidly.


You may have put on some weight recently and would like your clothes to fit better, and this may have impacted your confidence and self-esteem. I can help you to transform not only your body but your mind too.

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On a nutritional level, by analysing your macro intake and activity levels, I am then able to pair that with a bespoke training plan to include both cardiovascular and strength training. This yields an improved metabolic rate, increasing your fat burn potential.

I want all clients to make progress that doesn’t have a short life span, and to be able to sustain the development for future years. Yo-yo dieting and ill-advised training routines are out. What is IN, is a methodical approach to you and your goals. I want to understand a little bit about what makes you tick, what your fears/understandings are towards training and nutrition and to build a solid plan together that is going to give you the best results!

Following an initial and FREE consultation with me, I will take some measurements and give you feedback. This sets out our starting point and makes all progress identifiable. I will then devise a bespoke fitness package to be built around you and your goals.




12 Weeks to change your body! Are you up for the challenge? At GetXFit I have put together a fantastic package to help you get into fantastic shape, irrespective of your current fitness level.

I will make a fully bespoke training that is geared towards fat loss and lean muscle gains to give a more athletic look and a leaner, more toned look, the end result being improved lung function, reduced body fat, improved muscle definition, increased functional strength and mobility.

We have all seen the adverts for low-fat foods and skinny drinks. The reality is that these products over-promise and under-deliver.
As your personal trainer, I take a different approach. An approach which is proven to lead to actual visible results in weeks. Fat loss, when done correctly, results not only in weight reduction, but also improved tone and shape. To achieve visible weight loss
there are a few major elements to my male fat loss programme.
Resistance and Weight Training – I prioritise resistance and weight training in my male fat loss programmes. Fat loss can be achieved faster by building lean muscle tissue, which burns calories even while resting. My workouts are designed to be dynamic, varied, and most importantly, fun!
Diet – This is a critical component of fat loss. I provide a diet plan and dietary advice for women that fits in with your lifestyle and helps to speed up the fat loss process. Sticking to a diet provides proven results in just weeks.
Tracking Progress – I regularly take your measurements and provide you with constant feedback about your progress. Seeing gradual results will help you stay motivated to reach your desired goal as quickly as possible.
The Package
36 x 1 hour personal training sessions over 12 weeks (i.e. 3 sessions per week).
Comprehensive diet plan and dietary advice
Protein and fat loss supplements advice
Regular full body assessments

Prices from £30 an hour
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Free Consultation – Understanding you and your current levels of fitness and composition are the grassroots for deciding what our goals will be. This is a joint effort, so we both need to be in agreement.

Weeks 1-2: is our break in phase. You will be making adjustments to your diet, cutting out as many items that we deem necessary to set you on the right course and also to get you used to training 3x per week using full body routines.

Weeks 2-4: the body gets settled into its new diet and training routine. There should be improvements in composition, and at the 12 session marker we will take new composition readings, front, side and rear pictures for comparison to gauge our progress.

Weeks 4-6 takes us towards the halfway mark. Hopefully things will be going well nutritionally and training wise minus the odd blip, so you should expect to see increased physical strength, faster respiratory recovery, and crucially you will have reduced body fat, making for a leaner, more cut figure. Clothes should start to feel looser and in the mirror you will notice your body changing shape.

Weeks 6-8: we are well on the way to forming life long habits with diet, workout ethic and understanding what it takes to eat correctly to allow us to sustain a healthy body long after the training program has finished. Pulling back on our macros from the 6 week mark, and by week 8 we will re-test for composition and lung function and take further readings.

Two week countdown! Workout intensity will be at all time high, pushing for new PBs in the gym. You will notice huge improvements in your physique, leaner, more definition and increased energy levels to smash those training sessions!

Final week! 12 Weeks after starting this journey, we will look back at our original data, and pre transformation pictures and then take your final readings! Congratulations on 12 weeks of hard work and dedication!

Post Training: Now you’ve taken on the challenge of a transformation, you know what it’s all about. What’s next? Well you may decide that you now have the taste for fitness and training and that you would like to start again, but with new goals and objectives to fuel the fire within! I say, bring it on!

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